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Volunteer/Visitor Check-in


School Visitor and Volunteer 

Policies and Procedures

To ensure visitations are productive for both school and visitors, please follow these guidelines: 

1. All visitors must present a valid photo identification, and register in the school office prior to visiting the campus.

2. Wear a visitor identification sticker in a visible place at all times while on campus.

3. Provide prior notice to teachers and office staff to schedule conferences. 

Our goal is to increase the safety of students and staff in a manner that welcomes parental involvement.

Volunteers have an important and valuable role at Austin Middle School, whether volunteering for the school or for the PTO. It does not matter if you volunteer for one hour or one hundred hours over the course of the school year; any help you give is essential in enhancing the education of our students.


  • Office Help (copies/filing)

  • Room Parent

  • Library(shelving books, reading to children, checking in/out books):
  • Lunch/recess monitors
  • PTO Board
  • Field Trip chaperones
  • PTO school store
  • Volunteer as an "art parent" in the classroom with PTO's art enrichment program

Staff support:

  • Teacher appreciation week

  • Occasional staff lunch/breakfast

Special Events:

  • Library Night

  • Library Scholastic Book Fair
  • Cinco de Mayo Program
  • Texas Public School Week
  • Help with Winter Fun Day


  • Planning Committee
  • Distribution of pamphlets, items, and prizes


Take pictures of school functions for the yearbook/website.

Signing in and Out:

All volunteers should enter through the front doors and proceed directly to the main office. For the safety of our children, all volunteers must sign-in at the school office upon arrival. Volunteer name tags are available for you to wear so that you can be properly identified in the school.

By signing in, you are making it possible for school personnel to locate you in the event of an emergency. It is important that you write your name legibly, as well as the location where you will be working, and the type of work you will be doing.

It is also important to remember to sign- out when you leave. Your hours are recorded and counted. If you volunteer at home on projects for teachers, school staff, or the PTO, please keep track of your volunteer hours. You can record them by either adding them to the volunteer book the next time you are in school.

If you work on an evening or weekend event at the school where access to the volunteer book is not available, the person in charge of the event will provide a sheet to record your volunteer time.

Miscellaneous Items:

Staff restrooms are available for use by adult volunteers.

If you are unable to come at your scheduled time or if you will be late, please call the school and leave a message. Remember that someone is counting on you.

Turn off cell phone ringers when in classrooms.

Thank You:

We Love Our Volunteers!